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CO2 sensors use in ventilation control


Operational efficiency and energy saving, these are modern trends that are reflected in almost every industry. Earlier expensive measuring air quality is today, due to increasing energy prices, a necessity. With the air quality sensor automatically controls the ratio of the circulating fresh air and with regard to the hygienic minimum. Hygienic fresh air minimum prescribed standard. In the ventilated space and automatically maintain the required temperature and air quality. Air quality in practice finds its use in meeting and conference halls, cinemas and pubs, where the financial return of this solution, with respect to energy savings, it is very fast.

The air exchange in the newly renovated Cultural Information Centre Zašová provides a total of six air handling units that are functionally divided according to the use and layout of the building. All air handling units, including 450 kW gas boiler rooms, controls the measurement and control DTcontrol. The operator enters the operating parameters of the control center inside the building, or using remote management.

Important information to the management system DTX700 provides air quality sensor COMET System T5241, which is installed in the exhaust pipe HVAC equipment VZT1 - Social Hall. According to the desired air quality and air quality measured current is set by the ratio of circulating and fresh outdoor air that is supplied to the air handling unit is ventilated area.
Supply fresh air into the space stage provides air handling unit VZT4 - stage. The hall and the stage from the perspective of air exchange is only one room in which the air exchange care of two air conditioning. In terms of operating efficiency and energy savings, it is important that both ventilation function in the same mode. Their interaction with the old control system DTX700.

VZT1 - Hall
Water heater 72.1 KW
Heat exchanger efficiency of 73 %
Airflow 15000 m3 / h

VZT4 - Stage

Water heater 18 KW
Heat exchanger efficiency of 53 %
Air flow 2800 m3 / h

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